Aaron’s direction of actors, cameras and crew has been gained through not only study but first hand experience in directing short films, music videos and television commercials.

During his time at Bond University, Aaron found himself initially directing class exercises, commencing with the direction of fellow students, and then gaining actual experience in directing actors and camera crews.

This confidence in Direction allowed Aaron to move on to directing direct short films, music videos, television commercials, corporate and event videos.



Aaron will work with you to provide new and unique ways to capture the essence of your project. With experience in producing short films, television commercials, events and brand videos, Aaron will ensure your project is visually outstanding.

Aarons comprehensive collection of cameras and lenses, will assist in creating the look and feel you are striving to achieve in the completed project.



Editing is the final step in communicating the message or story utilising what has been captured on video. Aaron always looks to find the story in each project, and give it life through his experience in advanced editing techniques including Audio Editing and Colour Grading.

Aaron has experience in editing: Short Films, Music Videos, Television Commercials, Corporate and Event Videos.